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Black Sheep | Book Release | Product

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Last July, I was asked to take photographs of a family down in Los Angeles area. My friend and fellow photographer, Touch DMS, was the one that contacted me. He said the photos would be published in a book about the underground scene that we are involved in. Almost a year later, it happened!

“When my son was born, I began to see the future. When my daughter came into my life, I became a man. And when I met my wife, my life was complete” – Touch DMS

I met Touch awhile back through my friend Jason down in Inglewood during a Touch photo exhibit/social outing. With no idea of where or who he was, I went just to check out his urban photographs I’ve seen in some ads, etc. Walking in, I instantly noticed another world and culture that I have not seen in a long time. I used to be surrounded by it, when I lived in LA and in the hardcore scene. The people in the photographs were members of a society I have always followed. The underground scene in Los Angeles and New York, DMS Crew. This is as far I go with a story.

Book can be found here.

This book was made for all the people involved in different underground scenes and depicts how these scenes and individuals involved look at family, and life. Being published, even with one photograph, is a huge deal to me. This will be my first world-wide book involvement and probably one I’m very proud of. The photographs throughout the pages are all black and white, and show different cultures I enjoy and there are some individuals I look up to. Musicians, writers, artists, families, promoters are amongst the wide range of people inside. Names such as: Henry Rollins, Andrew WK, Ian MacKaye, Spencer Moody, Roger Miret, Omen, Sage Francis, Johnny Cupcakes, Oli Van Roost, Melissa Auf der Maure participated in the making of this book; explaining what family means to them and how they have overcome life’s obstacles to achieve a certain type of happiness or belonging.

The author states in the beginning preface:

“This is not really a book about black sheep, or at least it’s not about disfavored and disreputable individuals, as the idiom suggests. Instead, this is a book about people who are black sheep only insofar as they embrace being true to themselves. They’re not outcasts or pariahs. They’ve all go family backing them up.” – Karyn A. Gray

Here are some photographs I took of Touch and his family last July and a better view of the photograph published.

The beads not only represent the family behind him, but the ones not seen in the photograph. His family and friends, DMS.

His son was great in these shots.

Much love and thanks to Touch for getting me involved in the music scene I love so much and keeping me involved in his life.


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