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i’m very stoked about ashley’s newly designed bags! after she was done sewing them today i ran into the spare bedroom and snapped a few product/advertising photographs for her.

i have a few of these box type bags and mainly use them for my camera gear. i have one for lenses, my wireless equipment and also spare batteries.

she uses my favorite fabric line (echino) to make most of her bags which includes the most rad camera print ever!

i set up these shots in a spare room in the house. i only used two speedlites and a 45degree set up. i used a reflector umbrella as well as soft white diffuser umbrella. the background was actually the room’s wall that is brown and the bags were placed on a wooden stool.

to see my girlfriend’s etsy shop click here


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I'm definitely human, not a robot. I am not controlled by the population. I'm from Los Angeles but didn't like it there. I'm now on the Central Coast, my residency shall be unknown. I'm a photographer but you think you're better. I sneak into places with my camera. I make stencils but not for you ... maybe. I shoot what my eyes see. I make friends with aliens. If you are in front of me, you are going to be shot. If you are torn down or abandoned, I will find you. I will try not to break your heart.

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  1. richard, these are amazing! i love the camera & sunglasses ones! does she sell them? if so, where?


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