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above is a good example of why ashley’s nanny job rocks. the family my girlfriend works for invited all of us to join them in kirkwood for a few days a week ago. bry was lucky enough to miss two days of school and ashley had to watch the kids while the parents were skiing. in between watching the little ones we got to hang out in the snow without freezing our buts off. the weather was beautiful except the last day (saturday) was pretty windy near the mountain/resort.

all the years i’ve been a photographer, i’ve never taken an image in or around snow. and well, walking in powdered snow is definitely a difficult process. on friday, ashley and i attempted to play in the snow with the baby and ended up making him cry cause we were sinking… it was pretty entertaining and i’m sure we both looked like idiots trying to walk in the snow.

also on friday, bry got to experience skiing. she took a full day lesson (above photo is right before we dropped her off at the bunny slopes). she was so excited to try on her gear, and show off her snazzy new goggles; i must admit she looked like a badass! between making bets on how long bry would last during her lesson and sinking from toe to head in snow ashley and i made our way back to the resort to get results. we found bry laughing and begging to go on the lift for a few more runs. it was beyond rad!

what else happened during our trip… we ate at an awesome italian restaurant called giannini’s. kind of reminded me of my family in new york, with the large family style dinners and authentic italian food. if you are ever passing or staying in pine grove, i highly recommend eating there. i got yelled at by some property owner for parking at a spot where supposedly “someone just like you tried doing what you’re doing and broke his leg.” (i was taking photographs, and wasn’t on the ice or high ground) ashley and i got to experience over-priced food at the lodges on the resort and their hot chocolate was just okay. at least the sport stores had decent pricing and some sales, bry got some goggles and new gloves and i got new sunglasses which are fancy.

on saturday, bry got to ski more and did a few runs with amie and rich (ashley’s bosses). after awhile, bry retired from the mountain and we went back to the cabin. before hitting the cabin we stopped near bear lake to take some photos and play in the snow. i handed bry my camera, and she took some shots of ashley and i; and yes, they look good and yes, bry is gonna be an amazing photographer by the time she is 13. i will post some of the photos in the following days, i don’t want to overload my blog and flickr account.

my favorite part of the trip was on saturday after bry stopped skiing and we took a break at bear lake. right off the road, we walked a few feet into snow and had some fam time. bry took some great shots of ashley and i again and i got to watch the two of them sled and make snow angels. i love watching ashley and bry laughing and smiling, it makes my days brighter.


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