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through the years of photographing local bands in the area, i have only seen a few prosper. on a small tour with new tomorrow, i met travis (pk’s singer) whom was doing merch at the time. i had no idea he was in a band called pk until a few months went by and he called me asking to snap some photos. ever since then, we have become good friends. and now after months and months of writing, recording and adventures pk has a chance to be on the cover of rolling stone magazine. now, i know i don’t have to explain who or what this magazine is….but i’m pretty positive every musician would love to be featured in it. anyway, for more information about the contest and voting visit their website or rolling stones.

pk band

choose the cover for rolling stone

below are images taken a couple days before the submission deadline last month; like most cases in the music industry you never know what is going to happen or when until it comes up and bites you in the ass. (meaning, these shots were planned and captured with 2 day planning period if even…) the photographs are a result of myself and two creative individuals (lam nguyen and ana villafane), one long and cold night, driving around slo county and support.

the first set up was in santa margarita. the location was way too dark, i couldn’t even focus on the guys.

it probably doesn’t look like it, but the alley way shot took the longest. we had a generator running across the way and extension chords everywhere. and to our disappointment the damn smoke machine wasn’t working; i think we made due though.

after hours of being on location and in streets or next to buildings, we decided to go to pk’s practice space and try a few. i came up with a shot and scattered their instruments and whatever they had lying around the space and placed them in front of their van benchseat/couch. on some other shots you can even see a hedgehog statue in the corner. (not shown)

pk recruited a new drummer for the contest due to a busy kevin and new father, so rico from picture atlantic from the bay area said hey! i took solo photos of each member in front of their amps with no flash and just a few ambient lamps. not as easy as i thought.

after watching lam take a few shots against the plain white wall, i wanted to try. this photo turned out to be my favorite one of the night as well as the photo chosen as the choose the cover pk logo.

ok ok ok ! so what i ask from you:


2. Give PK a 5 Star rating

3. “Like” the Facebook option

4. “Tweet” the Twitter option

5. As a gift, PK is giving away their album for FREE HERE!!

6. Please promote the Rolling Stone link and share ASAP.


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