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Online Auction 3 | Product

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Title: ‘Jawbone’ – Online Auction
Size: 5”x7”
Description: Photo print mounted on wood panel

My third online auction, place your bids in comments below. Please read below if you have questions.

The print up for auction is “Jawbone” and was taken in Mariposa, California. The print is apart of my R.I.P series, which was a tribute to my passed grandfather. He collected treasures and “junk” and this is probably my most favorite image I got on his property. It was taken the day of his funeral. It is mounted on a wood panel and coated with matte finish to protect it from filthy hands. The black and silver dots, or splashes are spray paint (Montana Hardcore).

If interested, you bid here and only here. This is a Facebook offer. Almost like eBay…I have a private reserve amount, but please feel free to start the bidding at $1! Leave a comment with your offer, no private messages please.

I prefer local, but can ship which will cost an extra $5.50.

For payment, I will accept cash, check or a transaction through PayPAL. >>

For payment, I will accept cash or check if local. If I have to ship, you can pay by card and will be through PayPal. Locals only, a pick-up will be arranged at the end of the auction. Non-locals only, if purchased, the shipping cost will be added to the final bid amount.

Bidding will end at 11:00PM / Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

*Thanks to my parent’s dog, Pepper for modeling the photo.
Sorry for the bad quality, cell phone photo, dog was too scared of actual camera.


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