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Ashley & Bry Dress Trashing | Central Coast | Lifestyle

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what is “trash the dress”? probably the most recognizable thing or person on a wedding day is a bride in a (usually) white dress. many brides will preserve their gown just because of the value (not the price tag), but the emotion attached to it. they will wear it once, and hide it away in the closet to every once in awhile gawk over when times of remembrance occur. i, personally have never photographed a trash the dress session but because of a modern generation some brides will opt for a second photoshoot with their special dress on. traditionally, a trash the dress shoot means a more dramatic representation of the bride or couple. the type of shoots vary from romantic to even morbid. if you type in “trash the dress photos” on google, you will get an abundance of imagery. all images usually have one thing in common, that dress isn’t coming back!

last night (saturday) while driving home with ashley & bry we didn’t really want to go home and sit around. even though it was already past bry’s bedtime of 8:30pm, we decided to finally well… ruin their dresses. you are probably asking why ashley would have a wedding dress lying around the house. well, for those who do not know she was previously married before there was a “her and i”.  so…no you didn’t miss us getting hitched! after waiting an hour for my camera battery to recharge, ashley & bry splashed on some make up, fit into their dresses and were ready to go.

now, even though there was a different reason behind trashing their dresses it was still a blast and was a great way to relieve some past stresses. below are some images we took last night.

we started off in atascadero, driving down the main street until i remembered a broken down stone building/house… we parked, navigated our way through the tall, soaking grass (due to rain) and preceded shooting in the dark.

a lot of people know that i love photographing at night, especially in hard conditions. one of the most challenging, is shooting in pitch black. if you are photographer, the most handy tool you should carry in your bag is a led flashlight. over christmas my father got me a rope/flexible led that you can wrap around your neck to wear; the tool has two led lights attached to two ends that are controlled with a button; the button has three settings (low, medium and high). if you find yourself not a photographer and wondering why i use this light… it is to focus on my subjects. without a light, you would either get blurry images or your automatic focus wouldn’t correct itself EVER.

after shooting there, we ventured to san luis obispo. and let me tell you, bry was a trooper! between the hours of standing in the cold air, passing out and waking up in the truck, and not to mention staying up until almost four in the morning she managed to pull through and kick ass! we stuck to downtown san luis obispo and went into some alley ways.

ashley came up with the idea to cut pieces of their dresses, and for part one, they snipped off one part each.

we ended part one at the train station in san luis obispo.

part two will probably continue this week or weekend. we got a few more ideas, that may end up burning down a house…



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