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i got a new droid last week with an 8mp camera. it rocks. i am using my favorite camera app called vignette. the settings i use are all custom, not a preset template. i recommend this app if you are a photographer or even just an owner of a cell phone that wants cool looking images.

anyway, ashley & i had a pleasant sunday and went to san luis obispo. we slept in, which felt great and then got breakfast at louisa’s place. it’s one of our favorite breakfast joints, even though this time i got a club sandwich instead. go there! after grubbing down on some delicious treats we walked around and visited some of our favorite stores; while we were walking i snapped a few photos with my cell. here they are.


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I'm definitely human, not a robot. I am not controlled by the population. I'm from Los Angeles but didn't like it there. I'm now on the Central Coast, my residency shall be unknown. I'm a photographer but you think you're better. I sneak into places with my camera. I make stencils but not for you ... maybe. I shoot what my eyes see. I make friends with aliens. If you are in front of me, you are going to be shot. If you are torn down or abandoned, I will find you. I will try not to break your heart.

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