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.you’ve been mugged. mug swap.


hello world! i am doing something new & pretty rad. my girlfriend has been diving into the world of swaps for a few months now & has become quite a savvy one indeed. she has made some rad connections & even some new friends; so for the month of november herself & another local blogger took to the helm and came up with a MUG SWAP! yes, a m-u-g swap. what’s that?? you may ask…well it is actually pretty simple. a bunch of individuals log onto the wonderful world of the internet, sign up and in return get a partner. you give & receive a mug of any kind and maybe some other goodies along the way! let me introduce you to the swap and what i received!

the two girls … oh wait! “hosts” are my girlfriend ashley & heidi! check out their blogs by clicking their names!

here is what happened to me:

i signed up and ashley didn’t even have to beg me! i emailed her saying yes i want to be involved and within a week i got my partner and her information. now i am pretty positive most guys don’t get excited about mugs, coffee or tea but well… i love tea and i figured this would be an awesome way to connect with people, experience something new and plus blogging and networking is a huge deal to my woman! don’t mess with her when she gets to typing and all her craft adventures! she will probably strangle you 😉

anyway….before i go off on a tangent about how awesome she is and how happy i am about her sewing experiences let’s show you what i received from my mug swap partner, heidi! woo same name as the swap’s co-host!

the tea smells so lovely and the mug reminds me of zooey which makes me happy. so thank you heidi! some information about her; she lives in louisiana which is far different than california, she loves to knit & bake and from the looks of instagram loves her kids quite much!

some things to follow in case you missed it:

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  2. I’m happy you like it. I was worried about the tea choice but a thing I like about these swaps is being introduced to new things. Thanks for the kind words. 🙂


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