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.01 printable wednesday.

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introducing another weekly blog post section!

the info:

1. every wednesday means a new print is revealed

2. each photo will be available in 4 different print sizes (may vary according to image used)

3. all prints will be sold at discount rates (that are on my blog)

4. there will be a limited run on every photo (for example: i will say only 5 printed)

5. no expiration, i will sell until i sell out…

6. ways to pay: paypal, cash money (in person), check, etsy or pirate treasure

7. here we go!




4X6 – $1.00

5X7 – $3.50

8X8 – $10.00

8X10 – $12.00


Only 10 printed

Email me or comment on this blog post if interested. Thank you.


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I'm definitely human, not a robot. I am not controlled by the population. I'm from Los Angeles but didn't like it there. I'm now on the Central Coast, my residency shall be unknown. I'm a photographer but you think you're better. I sneak into places with my camera. I make stencils but not for you ... maybe. I shoot what my eyes see. I make friends with aliens. If you are in front of me, you are going to be shot. If you are torn down or abandoned, I will find you. I will try not to break your heart.

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