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P.V Herrera | Encounter Project

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1. Tell me a little about yourself.

I’m originally from San Jose, more towards Los Gatos area; I lived there since I was born up until 7 years old. The air in the bay was horrible so I moved here (Central Coast) with my grandparents at the age of 7. My uncle went to Cal Poly here and my grandfather really loved the area, so most of my family lives here now.

2. How long have you been playing music? What’s your favorite instrument and why?

I’ve been playing guitar since August 2004. After playing guitar for nearly three years, I switched to keyboard lessons for awhile but I favor the guitar more.

3. When did you start recording, what genre do you record and why?

My first recording was a song called “Take It Away” way back in 2005. It was an instrumental and was mostly power chords. It was recorded on a camera’s audio recorder and it sucked (laughs). Today I mostly record instrumental music. I first started listening to Post Rock when I was 16 going on 17 and just fell in love with it. I taught myself how to play Post Rock music just by listening to Sigur Ros and Explosions In The Sky over and over and over.

4. Where can we find your recordings?

I have a new album out called “Your Shinigami Eyes” and you can find my recordings on:

5. Have you played live shows? If so, what has been your favorite so far?

I have played almost 50 shows in my years since 2008. My two favorite shows I played were at SLO Brew with El Ten Eleven and also during 2008 I played with a band called Evangelicals at the SLO Art Center.

6. Favorite genre to listen to and play?

I like all kinds of music but mostly post-rock because it is inspiring. When I do collaborations, I do noise stuff mostly which is also my favorite genre to play because anything can happen.

7. Since I’ve know you, you have been a large supporter of the local music scene. Do you have a any favorite local bands?

My favorite local bands right now are Mercury and the Sun as well as Ecco.

8. Since you record your own tunes, give us some insight on your process:

To record one song, it takes about two hours total, that includes mixing and mastering. I mix on a Frostex digital 8 track recorder and mix on the onboard mixer on the recorder and I then master them onto Garage band . You can say that’s the lo-fi approach. I recorded at my friend’s recording studio for the album “Cigarettes and Weddings” where, possibly was the fasted time of recording a full length album in under 3 hours. For the writing process, I use a looper, not to keep time but to find some sort of melody to play over that loop melody.

9. You’ve been in the county for awhile, let us in on a few secrets? Favorite place to eat? Favorite place to get away from it all?

My favorite spot to eat at is Branch Street Deli in the Village (Arroyo Grande). After I eat there, I head over to Lighting Joe’s Guitar Heaven; you can say that’s my safe haven there (laughs).

Check out Patrick’s (P.V Herrera) latest recordings at:


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I'm definitely human, not a robot. I am not controlled by the population. I'm from Los Angeles but didn't like it there. I'm now on the Central Coast, my residency shall be unknown. I'm a photographer but you think you're better. I sneak into places with my camera. I make stencils but not for you ... maybe. I shoot what my eyes see. I make friends with aliens. If you are in front of me, you are going to be shot. If you are torn down or abandoned, I will find you. I will try not to break your heart.

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  1. Richard- you are so talented! I love all your subjects, my favorite is PV Herrera!
    You rock!
    Patrick-Vincent’s mom


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