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Salvage Audio || Encounter Project

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1. Where did the idea of Salvage Audio spring from?

I was looking at speakers for my living room and realized there was nothing on the market that fit my modern rustic interior style. I’ve always enjoyed building things, so I thought it would be fun to try creating something I knew I would like. It ended up being a design my friends loved as well; I made a few more and the Salvage Audio ball started to roll.

2. Why reclaimed sources?

I really like that it’s in line with a sustainable manufacturing practice, I try to stay as green as I can. It also adds to the aesthetics; it adds a lot of character to every piece.

3. Do you have a favorite wood that you work with? And is there any type of lumber you would love to start working with eventually/soon?

I got my hands on some Redwood from a fence that was originally put up in 1972. The weathering from years of being up on the Central Coast has given it an amazingly rich patina; I really like it! I’m working right now on getting my hands on some barn wood from San Luis Obispo, Ca and I’m pretty excited to start working with that.

4. Describe your workflow and process:

Well… I usually start by sketching out a rough idea of whatever I’ve got in my head, that is then refined into a scale drawing of the piece (including measurements and a cut list). I cut everything out and put together a dry mock to make sure everything fits correctly; there is always something that needs to be feathered a bit to get it all just right. Then the parts that need to be glued get glued, the piece gets sanded and finished either with a stain and clear coat, or hand rubbed oil if it’s staying raw finished wood. Electronics get assembled, soldered, tested, then installed and everything gets put together! It’s tested one more time when finished, then usually gets boxed up and shipped out. It’s not super complicated or very interesting, but I really enjoy making every piece!

5. What are your future plans with your business?

I’m currently working on a line of media furniture. Things like a media center, record player stand, record shelves, and speaker stands.

6. Where can you be found now?

You can see all my products online at with loads more info. As far as in person, currently one of my Elder Boxes is on display at the Adore Boutique, or you can buy the Weston Box at Boo Boo Records in San Luis Obispo, Ca.

7. Tell us why you think you’re unique business-wise/product-wise. What makes you stand apart from the rest, especially around here?

There is really not much like my speakers on the market. I think the blend of character in the reclaimed wood with the convenience and sound quality of new tech, really sets us apart.

8. I see you have bunch of prototypes, tell us about one:

I’m working on the new Mere Box, the smallest in the speaker line. The new box has a more modern and refined design while still keeping the rustic looks of reclaimed wood. I’m also working on adding a bit more color to the line!

9. What is the most enjoyable aspect what you do?

I really enjoy designing, building, and testing new products. The creative and learning parts of the job is really why I keep doing it all.

10. You probably don’t want to tell us this, but what is your favorite place to collect your main source, wood. Do you constantly go to one spot or do you drive all over?

I actually get my reclaimed wood from all over the Central Coast, you can read a few of the stories behind the wood at But one of my favorite places to get lumber is Pacific Coast Lumber in San Luis Obispo. They use environmentally friendly sources for their lumber like urban forestry, where they salvage fallen trees that would normally go to the dump.

11. So, now that about lunch time where is your favorite spot to grab a sandwich in the county?

Firestone in San Luis Obispo!! They make a killer tri-tip cob salad. About as manly of a salad you can get!


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